Life as a Whole

Life has its ups and downs, yet somehow everyone exits at a low at some point. I mean think about it, everyone is usually sick, depressed, or has a freak accident. I would consider those all lows. Would you? Life’s end it’s self is a low. However, there are always high points in most people’s lives. Those moments when everything is perfect, when everything is worth while, when you feel like nothing is impossible. Sometimes those moments last for days, weeks, or maybe even years. However, that is not the case for everyone,  some people barely make it through the day, sometimes they might just want out, want to leave everything behind, and how do we treat those people? Do we treat them with kindness? or do we ignore their presence? What’s their reason for despair? Is our cold exteriors the reason for their problems? Should we change our ways? You decide.

Life as a Whole

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