Haunting Decisions

Terrorism. It’s an ugly word that brings awful thoughts to our minds, some people have to hold back tears just from the awful images it brings to their head. How did the world get so far just crumble under disagreements? That’s all terrorism is to me, one person or group of people disagreeing with another person, group of people, or country on a large scale. The actions that people take are their decision, in everyday life, in terrorist attacks, and in war. One thing I don’t understand is why war isn’t considered a terrorist attack when it does the same thing that terrorist attacks do. War can rip families apart, can decimate a population, can explode buildings, can attack public areas, so why is it “different” from terrorism? It’s different because people in high places create it while terrorist attacks are common people doing the same thing that that important person who started a war was doing. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of a terrorist attack near us, but some people do. Everything that is wrong with the world comes down to one thing almost. People are unable to accept and respect other peoples values, ideals, religions, and way of life. We argue over each other’s decisions, wants, hopes, and dreams. Humanity is incapable of being peaceful, there is to many of us to make it possible that everyone agrees with everyone. Absolute peace will never happen, sorry to burst anyones bubble, but it’s true. Humanity will never completely be at peace because we will never agree with and respect other peoples decisions, no matter how bad they were or how good they were, decisions have been made and they have brought anarchy to the world. So don’t lull yourself to sleep with this perfect world in your mind, because that will never take place on this world with such a big population, it would take a miracle to make that happen, and I’m sorry but I don’t believe in miracles.

Haunting Decisions

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