It’s that time of year again…. Holiday season. The time of year when everyone spends all of the money that they made in the past year on their friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, getting things for your friends and family is great, it’s just not what the season is about. The entire holiday season is supposed to be about unlikely people coming together to have a good time, get to know each other, and share their ideas. It’s supposed to be a time when your social status doesn’t matter, or it at least shouldn’t matter. The whole point of thanksgiving is to give thanks for the things that you do have and to not pout about the things that you don’t have. November and December should be a time for peace, a time when everyone can get along no matter where they’re from. Instead, it’s a marketer’s gold mine, it’s easy to pressure someone into buying something that they believe that they will need so make either themselves or someone else happy when they should just be focusing on being with that person. Holidays are meant to be a time of togetherness and good times, not shopping galore.


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