As the presidential election in America draws closer I’ve been thinking about votes. In the past certain canidates have had amazing support in certain areas before election. However, when election time actually roles around those people who had the support suddenly don’t have as much of it anymore. Why is that? It’s because all these people that go out and show support for canidates but when the time comes around to actually do something, they. Don’t. Vote. To me that is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard, I mean honestly, you live in a country in which you get a say in how it’s run, you get to pick who is the single most important leader in America, yet you don’t vote. The two things that I’ve heard from people who don’t vote is “oh someone else will vote” and “my vote doesn’t even matter anyways”, well the truth is your vote does matter, so why aren’t you exercising your right to vote? Why aren’t you trying to make this country a better place? Why aren’t you doing this one thing that so many other people would kill to do in their country? You get to pick who leads our country, you get a say, use that, make a change, vote.


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